antes de ir embora ainda dei de caras com a carrinha de gelados
a primavera já aí anda

berlin, you better be prepared
see you in one week

right after BERLIN
video porreiro.

dia 29 de Abril.

saudades deste sítio.

wanna play?

Passion Pit at the ABC
1rst pic from Craig Watson

was just incredibly amazing.

i had so much gigs i wanted to see

hoje esteve sol.

poney poney nos ouvidos, passeio pelo parque, compras.

sounds like a funny photo shooting!

Alexander Wang Gang

i'm froze by desire

no need to leave

Go downtown with the drugs in my body
Step back up on the life of the party
Come back home and we'll get something started
Stay up late with some heat in my body
i'm the fury in your head
i'm the fury in your bed
i'm the ghost in the back of your head