às vezes escolhem-se filmes apenas pelas imagens...
esta parece-me bem sugestiva.
pelos vistos chama-se
Inventing the Abbotts, 1997

nice pub

a rua até ficou mais bonita

this is for you C* and I*
thanks for allways beeing there. luv u
via lizs

this is VIC

vic DJ's
R-P-Z bonjour boi/huand puppy

vic downstairs

vic upstairs

uno in cellars

uno! the most international game!

just beautiful!


so.... i just got home.

do you want to know what's a VIC's fridays night? just imagine:

two really really really fuckin' big sound coluns on your right and left side.
only 6m between them.
really really really really fuckin' enormous PUMTCH PUMTCH PUMTCH in the middle.

and you there.



miss u*
and u,
and u,
and u,
and u,
and u,
and u,
and u,
but mostly you!


an american coffe...blhargh!
first laundry

bloc live music!

VIC! really nice dj's

and that was my day.

sun still shines!


lazy monday...

new languages

my chinese name
he said it's a common chinese name

today was a sunny sunday


you're magic!*

(pic from somewhere on google reader)


the hip hop american club

another sunny day :)



buchannan st
a walk by the riverside
argyle st, under the central station
4 days without raining :)


hogwarts em glasgow!....run!run!

nicensleezy...much much better!!!!
3 dias sem chuva! nunca pensei

hoje está a ser uma tarde monótona


vou mas é sair de casa!

(pic's from google reader)

a day in "edinbra"

the scotish pub


miralles - scotish parlament

back to glasgow

the cellars

the butterfly and the pig

today was a rainy day.
and tonight we're goin' to a real scotish pub!